I completed a solo trans-continental adventure from my new home in Singapore to my old home in England. I departed on Monday, 19 August from Woodlands Station, Singapore and am scheduled to arrive in Woking, England on Wednesday, 18 September. My route will be approximately 11,800 miles long, covering 14 countries in 2 continents. It was great!

If you want to start the blog from the beginning of my journey click here.

The map below shows the route I’ll take.




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  1. Well done tom, really enjoyed reading about your trip, I have nearly completed a very similar trip to you but in stages over the last few years. I have Hong Kong to Hanoi and Bangkok to Singapore to complete and my route from wick to Singapore will be complete. In the past few years I have also trained across the USA and Australia. Like you I am a huge fan of seat61. And have a huge passion for train travel outside the UK. I am sure your journey will stay with you for the rest of your life and I am sure it will inspire other people to try a big train trip. Well done again and thanks for posting it.

  2. Hi,

    I suppose your name is Tom ? HAHA! pardon me if i got your name wrong. Do you mind if we can chat privately via email? I have some enquiries 😀

  3. Wow. I too love travelling by train and this is exactly what I want to do (the other way round) when I graduate from Uni (year 2 now). Perhaps a different destination (Hong Kong?) although Singapore will work too (I’ve spent 7 years of my adolescences there).

    Some of my travel photos to share in the link!

    Great blog anyway!

  4. I just wish to say, great job! I have personally travelled the entire transsiberian from Moscow to Vladivostok. It was spectacular and it really is amazing to be able to relate to what you have written in your blog. Again, great job. Feel free to contact me and my friends, if you ever wish to visit the Far Eastern Russian region, as we are already contemplating a revisit!

  5. Hi Tom, love your blog and journey! i’m a travel blogger from Singapore and I’m hoping to feature you on my blog at theoccasionaltraveller.com, was hoping to get in touch. If you could drop me a note at this email address please, thank you! 🙂

  6. My daughter is a teacher in Phuket and is planning to go back from next summer’s leave in the UK overland. She’s got 8 weeks leave and obviously want’s to spend a few weeks in UK. She’s used to lone travel and hostels from living in latin america previously. What would you say was the ideal amount of time to spend on the journey ? Would it be better to do half this year and half the next holiday? If so which was the best half for you?
    We are going over in february and are doing the sleeper from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

    • Hi Myra,

      I’d say if you can take a couple of months that would be pretty good, but 6 weeks would have been fine as well. Or she could fly to HCMC and start there. Miss the buses in Thailand and Cambodia.
      The most interesting days on the train were probably the first 3 on the trans-Mongolian. Moving from China to Mongolia to Russia and seeing the people and landscape change quickly.
      The sleeper up to Chiang Mai is a lot of fun, make sure you visit the restaurant Cart in the evening they turn it into a disco.
      Happy travels,

  7. Hi Tom,
    Your blog is truly inspiring for those seeking for an epic journey of self-discovery and more.
    One question, how safe is train travelling?? especially countries in the SEA and also the Trans-Mongolian rail road. Has it been a pleasant journey with minimal safety concerns or were problems?


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