Thursday 19th September: London to Woking

Thursday 19th September: London to Woking
Train Ticket: 2nd Class – £8.10 bought on the day at the station
Scheduled departure/arrival times: 12:52 to 13:11
Actual departure/arrival time: 12:52 to 13:11

Last few miles, to complete Woodlands to Woking. First to get across London on the oh so expensive tube if you don’t have Oyster card. Tourists must be shocked getting to London.


I meet some good friends and family in Clapham for a few catch up celebratory drinks. Great to see some familiar faces!


I’d chosen the aptly named Railway pub as the venue for the evening and enjoyed some fine English Ale


The next morning after being hosted by my good friend Mr Burnett, I made my way down to Clapham Junction for my last short ride to Woking. The very familiar South West train and 19 minute journey was on time.


Once back, I wanted a photo by the Woking sign after completing the 19,000km trip. I had to ask three people before one agreed to take a photo, it was great to be home!


What a ride.


23 thoughts on “Thursday 19th September: London to Woking

  1. awesome…i read your entire travel blog…seems interesting as you just finished your trip some days back and i found the link in seat61 website as i wished to go on singapore to bangkok…but seeing your journey am inspred to take on till london…have more interesting journeys..enjoy.

  2. Loved the blog mate, read start to finish.
    I know this wasn’t the point of it all, but out of interest, I was wondering how much in total you spent on train tickets? Some of the rail fares seemed pretty extortionate 🙂
    Great blog though, looking forward to the next

  3. Very very impressive blog! I couldn’t read finish all your adventures (as I’m still a poor student in Singapore studying for exams) but I read most of it! It’s really an awesome inspiration! Got to your blog via as I was looking at trips from Singapore to Bangkok. I would love to be a pilot one day and when I’m off duty, I would love to try out this trip! Congrats on completing the trip!

    • Hi Samuel, travelling’s great. I did my first trip as a student travelling around north America on greyhound buses. Just save a bit of cash and go it doesn’t have to be very expensive. $30-40 a day in Cambodia, vietnam and laos and you’ll be living well!

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  5. You’re awesome!
    I read through your postings and I had goosebumps all over my skin. I had just finished my around-the-europe trip for a month by train too last two weeks ago and the adrenalin for adventures are still with me. I’m craving for more adventure now, but of course I need to save money first. LOL
    One more problem. I’m an Indonesian, it would be difficult to cross some borders without visa though. 😦

    • Travel is very addictive, we just need more time and money! So much to see. I’ve always taken my British passport a bit for granted, I know it’s a lot of hassle for some other nationalities.
      happy travels, Tom

  6. Hey Tom,

    Congrats on your travels, I did a similar route a few years back except I started at Colindale tube station and Ended up in Tanjong Pagar before they took down the rail line. You must have a passion for trains too.

    I know what you mean about keep smiling, travelling alone sometimes can be a bit lonely but fellow travelers keeps the spirits up.

  7. Hi. I am glad you enjoyed and survived your journey. I am sure you are a changed person because of it. My husband and I are doing the same thing. We left Singapore on 3 September, be we are taking a year off – going slowly and making a lot of side (or way off side) trips. We spent 2 weeks in Mongolia and it was amazing. Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently? All the best to you and your future travels!

    • Hi Christine,

      I had a look at your blog, looks like you are having a great time. My main thing to change would have been to take a bit more time over the trip, a couple more weeks would have made a big difference.

      Happy travels,


  8. Hi Tom, what a brilliant journey!!

    I stumbled across your blog while looking for some news about a possible SG-LDN rail link in the near future. Doubly excited as I used to live in Woking so it feels like a trip back. Thanks for sharing.

  9. So much fun reading about your trip! I just finished a 10-month RTW trip myself, and the train bug bit me bad! I liked reading about your Singapore to Bangkok route since I took that as well, but all the posts about the Trans-Mongolian and Trans-Siberian … well, they make me want to embark on another trip! Thanks for all the little details; they’re what make a good story.

  10. We are a group of NUS (National University of Singapore) students currently looking into the topic of slow tourism which is a type of travel that allows travellers to take to the road, whether by foot, rail, boat or even biking. Your travels have greatly interest us and we would like to obtain your permission to feature some of your travels on our Facebook Page that we have created. We do also have some questions for you and we are hoping that you can take time to answer them. We look forward to your reply. Thank you

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